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  • SN2

    We are a technologically advanced company with high standards of quality and attentive to the evolution of the product, based on a strong and broad organizational structure, composed of professionals with multi-faceted skills that complement each other in different areas of the company:

  • Production

    High production capacity, four production lines, also featuring automatic cutting LECTRA system.

    Specific presses coats finishes "Veit Brisay".

    Technologically advanced equipment adapted to all types of clothing.

    Storage logistics and product movement in hanging system.

  • Technology

    Quality control system receiving all fabrics and accessories.

    The product quality inspection standards, according to AQL standards certified by our customers.

  • Creation & Product Development

    Department of creative design and product development respecting the characteristics defined by you and your stylists.

  • Commercial & Marketing

    Personalized assistance per client manager, experienced in the overall management of orders following the whole process from idea to finished product.

  • Management & Organization

    We use best practices in Business Management and Organization, with the participation of all employees in the improvement of the company´s dynamic processes.

  • "The most important is to predict where customers are going and get there first"